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At ModsRus We Been In The Modded Controller Business 9 Years And Just Released Our New 10,000 Mode Modded Controllers For Xbox One + Ps4

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Gamers go wild over our xbox one & ps4 modded controllers offered by ModsRus. We sell call of duty rapid fire mod controllers for the xbox one and playStation 4 gaming systems, as well as for pc, xbox 360 and ps3. With our modded controllers you are able to dominate your opponents and your games playing both online and offline FPS games like (cod) call of duty.

Mod controllers were born during the last nine years after the release of the xbox 360 and ps3 consoles into the market. Now that the xbox one and ps4 is out on the market today people are already aware that they can have modded controllers for the next generation video gaming consoles.

Mod controllers were created in order to give you advantages in first person shooter video games like call of duty. You can also perform actions quicker and shoot at the fastest fire rates with our rapid fire controllers for ps4 | xb1 | pc | ps3


5000 Mode Modded Controller Xbox One Blue Out

ModsRus 5000 Mode Modded Controllers Xbox One

We are proud to release our new 5000+ bad boy modded controller! we offer most mods ever on a xbox one controller more than on any other modded controller anywhere! at any price! So you can totally dominate the competition! Guaranteed!

5000 mode modded controller xbox one blue out mod controllers

Blue Out Xbox One


Operation Instructions
This controller has multiple reset configurations that our trained technicians use to troubleshoot your controller. Please contact us first before returning a product as nearly all issues can be resolved through these testing methods.

How to turn Rapid Fire on and off:
When you first turn on your controller the LED light will be on and bright. This indicates that rapid fire is enabled. To disable rapid fire you simply press the sync button on the front of your controller (near LB button), and the LED will then go dim. This indicates that rapid fire is now disabled and the controller will now act as if it has not been modded. If you press the sync button again the LED will turn bright again, indicating that rapid fire is now enabled.

How to Change Modes:
You can cycle to any rapid fire mode at any time. To do this you may first want to pause your game session so that you don’t fire off any bullets. Next, hold the right trigger down, tap the sync button 1-16 times depending on what mode you would like to be in, and then release the right trigger. You will notice that the LED will blink after you release the right trigger. This number of blinks indicates the mode that you are now in.

How to Change between A and B modes (sub modes):
Each mode actually has 2 modes built into itself called mode A and mode B. To alternate between these “sub modes” you simply tap the sync button twice in a row quickly. You can move back and forth between sub modes by using this quick double tap feature at any time. The LED will blink twice for sub-mode B and once for sub mode A.

You can also change modes and turn off the mod at any time during the game and the chip will remember your last mode. Meaning, your next controller power on will be in the same mode as you left it. The default mode configurations and speed charts are included in these instructions.

How to Adjust Rapid Fire, Quick Scope, and Jitter Speeds:
To adjust the speed of any mode, hold down the left trigger and tap the sync button. The LED will then turn dim and flash one time indicating that you are now in programming mode for the selected mode. If you want to check your current speed setting (while in programming mode), simply tap the sync button one time and you’ll see the LED light flash a series of long and short flashes. Each long flash represents a base of 10 and each quick or short flash represents a base of 1

While in programming mode, you increase the speed by pressing the right trigger and decrease the speed by pressing the left trigger. The LED will blink once to indicate a speed change. Once you’ve reached the highest or lowest setting the LED will no longer blink. We recommend starting out at the lowest speed setting and moving up from there. Most weapons fire well between 7 and 10 shots per Second.

How to Adjust Burst Shots:
When you are in Burst mode, entering programming mode will take you to the speed adjustment section as normal (explained above). However, once you double tap the sync button, which would normally exit programming mode, you will be taken to the burst shots adjustment section instead, (LED blinks fast to indicate section change) where you can select 1-8 shots in the burst. Just as before with normal speed adjustments, the RT will move up burst shots and the LT will move down burst shots and to exit you tap the sync button twice in a row quickly.

Factory Reset
To reset your controller back to the original settings upon receiving it, you first need to turn the controller off. You then hold down both the left and right triggers as you turn your controller back on.

About Rapid Fire
Rapid fire is an enhancement that will turn a semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic one. This means if you’re using a semi-automatic weapon (FAL, M14, Shotguns, Snipers, Pistols, etc…) you won’t need to continually hit the trigger as rapid fire will do it for you. Rapid fire has been improved over the years to include many other features as well. This controller comes equipped with these features in addition to rapid fire that allow you to use practically any weapon in any game.

Sub Modes
This feature allows you to use multiple configurations for the same mode. You no longer have to change modes to use advanced features. For example, if you’re playing any COD title and you switch to your secondary weapon, which is an akimbo pistol, you can now simply double tap the sync button to go from mode 2a to mode 2b, giving you automatic akimbo ability! Please read through the complete mode list to see what each sub mode has to offer.

Sniper Quick Scope
This popular feature allows you to simply tap the LT button with a sniper rifle in hand and the mod will do the rest. How it works is after you quickly tap and release the LT button, an automatic bullet is fired from RT with pin point accuracy. You don’t even need to hit the trigger! As with most snipers, anything in the upper chest area are one hit kills which makes this sniping mod easy for everyone! It even has adjustable timing between scope in and shot so you can use it with any sniper weapon in any COD title.

Sniper Breath
This is an addition to the sniper quick scope as described above. Basically, if you hold in LT versus tapping it, you will automatically do a sniper breath! No more trying to hold down an analog stick to try and keep the sniper breath activated. Simply hold in LT and the mod will keep your steady sniper breath going for you. Now you can concentrate on perfect aiming, rather than fighting with the analog stick!

Jitter is an advanced feature for some COD titles as it does not work for all. It fires weapons faster than allowed by developers. It also has a LT cancellation feature which allows you to aim in first if you don’t want to use the jitter feature. This mod is intended to spray bullets everywhere so there isn’t much aiming going on when holding down RT.

Drop Shot
Catch your enemy by surprise as they fire over your head! Also included is a LT cancellation mechanism that allows you to cancel the automatic Drop Shot if you aim in before firing. You simply hold in LT to aim in and the automatic Drop Shot feature is deactivated.

Jump Shot
Just the opposite of Drop Shot. Catch your enemy by surprise as they fire below your feet! Just as before, included is a LT cancellation mechanism that allows you to cancel the automatic Drop Shot if you aim in before firing.

Quick Aim & Mimic
These features will copy a right trigger pull to the left trigger as well. It’s a feature that has a couple of great benefits. The first and most obvious being that if you have a pistol in both your right and left hands, pressing only the right trigger will fire both weapons. The other and more important feature is you can automatically aim in and fire at the same time! It works great on small fast paced maps as you run around picking off your opponents.

gives you a sub mode option of having rapid fire on both triggers while Quick Aim gives you a sub mode option of having rapid fire on the right trigger only.

Adjustable (User Programmable)
All modes are adjustable in some way. Meaning you can adjust your fire rate, quick scope delay and jitter speeds if you so desire. In all, there are 96 different speed settings for general rapid fire between the ranges of 5 and 100 shots per second. This customization completely eliminates the need for a new controller/chip as you can just adjust your speed to the latest game or to a patch for an older one. It’s completely future proof!

Adjustable Burst
This gives you the ability to take virtually any weapon in any game and turn it into a burst. You can then change your rapid fire speed giving you the perfect combination for dead on accuracy across all maps. This represents mode 9 or 10 with a speed setting around 12.5 shots per second for fully automatic weapons and the default speed for semiautomatic weapons.

Auto Burst
This is another great feature that goes along with the adjustable burst feature described earlier. Using both of these options together is simply the only way to play the game! It allows you to use burst shots with a right trigger tap but also gives you rapid fire with a right trigger hold. Simply put, if you need to conserve your ammo, then tap RT for burst shots and if you need to open fire on a close enemy, then hold down RT for continuous rapid fire. Default speeds are set up for semi-automatics in burst mode so if you want to use a fully automatic weapon start your speed change around 12.5 shots per second.

Auto Aim
Auto Aim lets you automatically aim on an enemy by simply holding in the left trigger (aiming trigger). Make every bullet count when ammo is scarce! This mode works with Zombies, Special Ops, & Campaign missions only that allow the aim assist option. It will not work against other human players but does work online against AI or computer enemies. You can have rapid fire on/off while in sub modes and adjust the rapid fire speed setting, making it great for all player types.

Akimbo/Dual Trigger
This feature allows you to use rapid fire with a weapon in both hands. Meaning if you equipped a pistol in your right and left hands, this mode will allow you to rapid fire them both.

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