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Gta 4 Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Xbox - Pc - Ps2

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

We are helping you keep those cops and drug cartels at bay as we continue on with our Grand Theft Auto Retrospective!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City (2002,2003) PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox

How could RockStar possibly top GTA 3? Well they found a way as Grand Theft Auto Vice City was even more successful and critically acclaimed than 3! This game was once again in full 3D, but this time the world was much larger and felt more alive. A huge part of this was the increase in NPC’s as well as side missions that the player could do.

The real draw of Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the setting. It is set in the 80’s and this was back in 2002, before it was cool to set everything in the 80’s. The fashion, the music and just the tone of the game is full on 80’s and RockStar used things like Scarface and Miami Vice as well as many real world events from the 80’s to help craft the story of Tommy Vercetti getting out of jail and slowly, but surely starting to become a drug and crime king pin in Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was just such a fun game. The controls felt a little tigher in the driving sections and even in the general gameplay with the auto aim working very well to make it easier to shoot who you actually want to shoot.

Vice City is one of the most fondly remembered games in the GTA series. Sure the 80’s setting plays a big part in this, but the story is well written and a lot of fun to play through. The game was released first on PlayStation 2 in 2002, before coming to Xbox in a double pack with GTA 3 and also on PC.