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Call Of Duty WW11 Beta

Call Of Duty WWII PS4 Beta

Call Of Duty WWII

We just wanted to share our thoughts on the first Call Of Duty WWII beta that happened on PlayStation 4 this weekend.

We want to just talk about the overall feel of the game here and our experiences with it. We played a lot of team Deathmatch and it was what you would expect from a Call Of Duty game. We do not mean that as a complaint! The controls were nice and tight and in general, it offered the run and gun style gameplay that you would expect from a Call Of Duty game.

A big deal was made of the class system for Call Of Duty WWII and while we gave each class a good playing with, Airborne was the one that got most play time. It had a more “Call Of Duty” feel to it and if you want to ease into WWII’s multiplayer and not feel overwhelmed this would be a great way to do it.

One thing that has to be given special attention to is the presentation. Sledgehammer Games have done an awesome job and no matter if you are in a snowy village, in the trenches or even on the sunny war torn Gibraltar the game was just pure eye candy. We played it on a standard PS4, so we are very interested to see who good it is going to look on a PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and of course a high end PC.

We are looking forward to the next beta and can tell you hand on heart that we are more excited for Call Of Duty WWII now that we have actually played it.