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Battlefield Bad Company

Battlefield - Battlefield Bad Company

Battlefield - Battlefield Bad Company - Ps3 - Xbox 360

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Battlefield Bad Company (2008) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Once again developed by the good people at DICE, Battlefield Bad Company was released in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This was when DICE and EA really stepped up and brought Battlefield to console gamers.

Bad Company at the time of release was the most cinematic game in the Battlefield series. You played the role of Private Marlowe who is part of B Company a team who is sent in to do the dirty work before the other soldiers are sent in. Well through a lust for treasure, some bad luck, and some very bad timing, you end up unintentionally trespassing into another country, face a court martial, but still, want to find gold! It was a lot of fun and managed to rival what Activision had been doing with their single player campaigns in Call Of Duty.

When Battlefield Bad Company was released only one multiplayer mode was included, Gold Rush. It is an attacker vs defenders kind of game with attackers trying to get the gold and the defenders trying to stop them. It was fun, but due to demand, EA would add Conquest mode via DLC.

Battlefield Bad Company was released to mainly positive reviews and it sold very well. It really did cement the fact that Battlefield could be just as good and popular on console as it was on PC.