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22 January, 2021

What's Actually Happening In WandaVision: HYDRA, SWORD, Hidden Clues, And More

WandaVision on Disney+ is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but every week we get more hints about the truth. WandaVision represents some major firsts for the MCU. It's the first official entry into Phase 4, the first MCU Disney+ streaming TV show, and Wanda and Vision's first featured story together--but it's also the first time we've ever had a real long-form mystery unfold like this for the MCU at large. Sure, there have been plenty of dangling threads to theorize about in the movies--that's part of the fun--but we've never been given new information to work with on a week-to-week basis, and it's changed the guessing game significantly. It also doesn't help that WandaVision is arguably the weirdest thing the MCU's ever done, so there are plenty of questions to be asked. So, with that in mind, we've compiled a list of the things we do know about the show thanks to the first three episodes--each little piece of information we get, no matter how small, and what it might mean as the show continues on. In a story like this, every scene--no matter how bizarre--has to count for something, right? Neither Wanda nor Vision know why they're in Westview Right off the bat, WandaVision's core mystery is obvious: Neither of our heroes knows what they're doing in Westview or even how they got there. They're not sure when they got married or what they do for a living, and they don't seem to be aware that they're hopscotching through decades of American pop culture. Wanda has some level of control over Westview's reality We see in Episode 2 that Wanda is able to "rewind" time in Westville and undo things she doesn't want to see or experience, like when the beekeeper crawls out of the sewer and she simply says "no" to make him disappear. Someone is "doing this" to Wanda and someone else wants to rescue her Wanda is experiencing intrusions on Westview's reality that seem to indicate that someone is trying to contact her--probably to rescue her. The unnamed voice asked, in Episode 2, who was "doing this" to her. SWORD is involved and Monica Rambeau is an agent Hints of SWORD's involvement have been everywhere in the show so far, but Episode 3 confirmed that Monica is an agent--and that she had some ulterior motive for being in Westview. Wanda was threatened by this for some reason and promptly "ejected" her, for lack of a better word, out of Westview and into what certainly looks like the real world. Westview seems to be located in the real world--sort of Judging by Monica's expulsion from the town, it seems like Westview is actually somehow located in the regular world, and is possibly cloaked or blocked off by magic. It seems that SWORD has surrounded the location with a sort of militarized perimeter. This may mean that Westview is in fact not an alternate Earth or alternate dimension, but is actually a high tech version of The Truman Show--or some sort of extremely quaint looking prison. Agnes might be in on it Agnes seemed very aware that Monica wasn't a person who actually "belonged" in the community--but never directly explained why or how she knew. It seems like she might have some secret knowledge about Westview's population that, at best, lets her know who SWORD is sending in, or at worst, may let her manipulate who's there in the first place. HYDRA may be playing a role There have been an awful lot of HYDRA-related flashbacks and call outs that may or may not be related to Westview as a whole. Depending on how deeply Wanda's psyche is informing Westview's status quo, the HYDRA nods could just be projections--both Wanda and Pietro were experimented on by HYDRA in Age of Ultron, after all--or they could be peeks behind the curtain. Maybe the whole of Westview is a HYDRA gambit to bring Wanda back into the fold. Wanda and Vision have children now, but are they real? Episode 3 introduced Wanda and Vision's kids, William and Thomas, who have their own monumentally confusing comic book histories. The question is now that they exist in the show, will they actually exist in the MCU going forward, or are they just products of whatever force is creating Westview as a whole?

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