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07 October, 2020

The Biggest Anti-Prime Day Sales We Know About So Far

Though delayed several months by the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is set to run a full 48 hours again this year starting next week on Tuesday, October 13. As usual, Amazon's biggest competitors have started to announce major sales of their own to compete with Amazon's yearly blowout sale for Prime members, and with the holiday shopping season coming up fast, it'll be a great opportunity to save some serious cash on games, tech, and more. As of right now, we've only learned about a few of the Prime Day-adjacent sales happening next week, and we've detailed what we know about them below. We expect to add more stores to this list in the coming days, as we also saw competing sales from Best Buy, Ebay, GameStop, and Fanatical last year. In the meantime, catch up on the latest Amazon Prime Day 2020 details, including early deals available now, tips for getting the best discounts, and more. Walmart Big Save Event October 11 through October 15 Walmart is getting the jump on Amazon by launching its big sale a couple of days before Prime Day. Walmart's "Big Save" event kicks off this coming Sunday, October 11 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET and runs through Thursday, October 15, ending a day after Prime Day. The Walmart sale will bring steep discounts across all of its categories, including games and electronics. Though we don't know most of what will be on sale, Walmart did tease a few upcoming discounts, including Super Mario Party for $40, the JVC 55-inch 4K Roku Smart TV for $248, and the Roku Ultra LT streaming device for $69. Walmart promised "Black Friday-like savings" during the Big Save event, so it'll be worth checking out what games, accessories, and more are on sale. Go to Walmart Target Deal Days October 13 and 14 Target's annual Deal Days sale overlaps directly with Amazon Prime Day on October 13 and 14, and it marks the beginning of Target's holiday shopping season, the retailer said in a press release. The sale will feature online discounts on hundreds of thousands of items, more than double the number of deals last year. The vast majority of deals will be available with contactless Drive Up or Order Pickup if you want to pick up your order that day, and many of them will be eligible for same-day delivery as well--no membership required. Early deals are starting to go live at Target, just as they have at Amazon, though the pickings are currently slim. The best deals, according to Target, will only be available to Target Circle members, the retailer's free loyalty program, so you may want to sign up for that before Target Deal Days starts. Go to Target Newegg Fantastech Sale October 13 Newegg's Fantastech sale is coming back this year to compete with Amazon Prime Day and offer steep discounts on tech and electronics. A countdown is live on Newegg's website for the sale, which begins October 13 at midnight PT / 3 AM ET. The sale page doesn't say how long the sale will last, but it'll likely run through October 14 to span a full 48 hours as it has in the past. As with other sales on this list, no membership is required to shop the Fantastech sale. If you're a PC gamer, you'll definitely want to check this one out, as Newegg tends to offer some of the best deals on graphics cards, SSDs, gaming desks, ergonomic chairs, and more. Go to Newegg Continue Reading at GameSpot

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