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ModsRus Featured Post

Battlefield V vs Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII

29 January, 2019

How Far Will Activision Go To Make A Buck

How Far Will Activision Go To Make A Buck

I hate to be negative I really do. Especially when Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has done so much right. However, we all know that Activision is pretty much only second to EA when it comes to trying to make a quick buck at gamers expenses.

Now I for one feel that the Black Ops Pass was good value and I have no problem with that. I do not even mind cosmetic Microtransactions. Hey if you want to pay a couple of bucks for a new skin more power to you.

Well, Activision has gone and released the most pointless, dumb and just weird microtransaction I have seen. I am talking about their smiley face reticle. I heard about this on another site and I was sure they must have got this wrong. There is no way that Activision would make this and then expect gamers to pay two bucks for it…… well they have!

This smiley face reticle has been in the Black Ops series before and we did not have to pay for it then! I know this is only a cosmetic and in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal, but for me, it is the principle of the thing.

This Black Ops 4 smiley face reticle is just insane to me and I am just mind blown that people would actually pay real world money in order to get this thing! I would advise that you do not! First of all, it is not even that cool or fun, but it is the precedent that it sets. If they get away with charging two bucks for something as small and dumb as a smiley face reticle, where does it stop?

27 January, 2019

Will RAGE 2 Blow Us Away


There are some big first person shooters coming in 2019. One game that is just a few months away, but does not seem to have much hype behind it is RAGE 2.
I was not a huge fan of the first RAGE game. I played it on the PlayStation 3 and I do not even think that I actually finished it. It was not a bad game by any means, but it just did not grab me as I had hoped.
I do think that RAGE 2 though looks like it is going to be balls to the wall action. Bethesda are great at creating open worlds and an open world that is full of mutants after being decimated by an asteroid is certainly something that I can get on board with!
The few trailers that we have seen look like this game is going to be nuts. I am getting some kind of weird Borderlands/Doom and a little sprinkling of Fallout from this game from what I have seen. The weapons look crazy and I cannot wait to blow mutants into a million pieces.
One thing that I hope is good in RAGE 2 is the story. I know that wanting a story in a game like this may seem odd, but I really like all the killing I am doing to have a purpose and even that last Doom game had a great story so it can be done.
I really hope that Bethesda is going to show off a little bit more of RAGE 2 in the coming weeks as that release date is getting closer and closer. 2019 is looking like a stacked year (just like last year) for games and I hope that RAGE 2, first of all, does not disappoint, but I also hope it can stand out from the crowd and do well.

26 January, 2019

Microtransactions In Battlefield V Are Delayed

Microtransactions In Battlefield 5 Are Delayed

I have to be honest right off the bat here and say that this is one delay that I personally am not too sad about It turns out that Battlefield 5 has had a real hard time getting its Microtransactions just right.
Currently, we are all used to the “Company Coins” system that Battlefield 5 has. Well, I say we are used to it. I do know a couple of people personally who say that they have flat out been screwed out of their Company Coins as they have played the game. They are not the only ones and while DICE has said they will make good on all Company Coins that players have earned.
Until this is fixed they have decided to delay the release of their Microtransactions which as I write this are still scheduled to be called, Battlefield Coins. This is a real nightmare for the guys and gals at DICE. Look at the disaster that was Star Wars Battlefront II and its Microtransactions which was so bad they had to scrap them.
I wonder if this is what is going to end up happening in Battlefield 5 too? While the real world money you are spending can only be used for cosmetic items, it is still pretty annoying if this was something that you were planning on getting into.
This is just yet another thing in the troubled life of Battlefield 5 that DICE and EA have to deal with. I still say, Battlefield 5 is a fun game and worth checking out, but I have to wonder going forward what EA and DICE are going to do with this and the Battlefront franchise.

New Mode Coming To Black Ops 4 Blackout

New Mode Coming To Black Ops 4 Blackout

It is crazy how much stuff always seems to get “leaked” when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise. Well, it looks like the latest Black Ops 4 leak is very real as it was the companion app that did it!
There is a new mode on its way to Blackout mode and it is called Ambush. The idea of the mode is all about stealth. You can only use sniper rifles (well that is me screwed!) and melee weapons to defeat enemies.
It is also giving us enhanced versions of the more stealthy perks, Dead Silence, Outlander and Skulker to make use of. Skulker is a perk that I personally love as it lets you move around much faster when you are crouched. As I will be relying mostly on melee kills in this mode this is one perk I will have to make the most of.
I think that Ambush sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. I also think that it is going to be a game mode that is pretty high on the tension scale. I would imagine that many players are going to try and find a sniper rifle and then just hole up somewhere!
There does not appear to be a release date for when Ambush mode is coming to Blackout in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. However, I would bet that it will be shortly after the free trial has finished. This new mode could be just what Activision needs to make those free trial players decide to pull the plug and buy the full game!

23 January, 2019

Will Call of Duty 2019 Have A New Story

 Will Call of Duty 2019 Have A New Story                              

I have been going overboard with reading “leaks” about the new Call of Duty game that is coming in 2019. The smart money is on that this is going to be Modern Warfare 4 as there have been some credible leaks. Of course, until Activision or Infinity Ward come out and say something, we are all just speculating.
One thing that has been brought up is that Call of Duty 2019 is going to have a single player campaign. I am glad that this is being talked about and it is something that I feel was missing from Black Ops IIII.
What this new single player campaign will be though is starting to develop quite the debate. When the first Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 leak happened. The talk was that there would be a single player campaign, but it was going to be an HD remaster of the campaign from Modern Warfare 2. That is one of the most iconic campaigns in the history of the franchise and it would be cool to play through it again and if that is what the single player campaign is then I would be cool with that…….. until now!
I recently read a rumor that Modern Warfare 4 could actually have a single player campaign that followed up from Modern Warfare 3. That would be awesome and it has got my gears spinning as to what could happen. I for one think that if they could give us a remaster of Modern Warfare 2 as well as a new one that would be something epic indeed.

Squad Conquest Brings More Strategy To Battlefield 5

Squad Conquest Brings More Strategy To Battlefield 5

I have really enjoyed Battlefield 5 since it was launched last year. Dice have rolled out a huge update recently which is the first part of their Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes event which is going to be taking place over the next few months.
One thing that is part of this update is Squad Conquest and this is something that has taken me by surprise and something I am very excited to play. The idea of this mode is that it is a more tactical and intense take on Conquest Mode. There will be two teams of eight and the matches of Squad Conquest will take place on three maps.
The maps being used are Arras, Hamada, and Rotterdam. These have been tweaked though and they are smaller versions of what you are used to. The idea is that there will be different things that you have to do on these maps. The smaller quarters means that you will have to be more strategic and come up with plans to try and take a point, take down the enemy and so on. It sounds a little bit similar to War Mode in WW2 and that is why I am so interested in getting the chance to spend some serious time with this mode.
I have always felt that Battlefield is at its best when you are playing as a team. When you guys are working together to come up with strategies and ideas for how to flank, take a part of the map and anything else that is required. So getting a mode that is all about that is really going to showcase just how good Battlefield 5 is.

22 January, 2019

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Offering Free Blackout Mode

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Offering Free Blackout Mode

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been a huge hit for the folks at Treyarch and Activision. Instead of going all out with a campaign this year, COD took a different direction and instead gave us their take on the Battle Royale genre.
Blackout is a huge, huge success. It manages to take the Call of Duty formula and smash it together with Battle Royale and it works perfectly. It may not be the number one Battle Royale game in the world, but it certainly has taken a little bit of the spotlight away from Fortnite.
Well, the clever people at Activision are stepping things up. From the 17th of January. They are offering people on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the chance to play Blackout mode for free. Not just for a day or a long weekend, but a whole week!
This is really cool for those who have not yet tried out Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Also for those who are into the mode, it means you are going to have a ton more players to play with so, in theory, getting a game should be even faster.
What makes this such a smart move for Activision is that a huge reason as to why Fortnite is king is because it is free. By offering players the chance to play Blackout mode for a whole week. That is more than enough time for new players to not only see how good the mode is but also get hooked and invested in the mode. So much so that they may be more likely to actually purchase the game!

21 January, 2019

Gauntlets Add More Challenge To Zombies

Gauntlets Add More Challenge To Zombies

One of my favorite parts of Black Ops IIII has been Zombies. Treyarch is doing a great job in keeping Call of Duty Black Ops IIII fresh. They have a pretty hefty update this week and for me the coolest thing about this update is Gauntlets. Which is adding some extra challenge to the mode.
Gauntlets is going to be a series of 30 challenges. It all starts with Voyage of Despair where it is called Unsinkable. The idea of Gauntlets is that you need to survive for 30 rounds. Each round is going to make some kind of gameplay change that is either going to make it easier for you or more than likely much harder.
Weapon restrictions, time limits, powered up enemies and area defense challenges are just some of the things that you will have to deal with. This is going to add an extra level of danger to Zombies and I feel that working as a team is going to be key getting through this.
Rewards will be given out at 10, 20 and 30 as well as some real bragging rights for number 30. You can fail twice and you will get a strike and be able to move onto the next challenge. However, if you get three strikes it is game over and you have to start over from the first challenge.
Treyarch has said that this is the first of many different Gauntlet challenges that are going to come in 2019. I for one am very excited to get in on this and my squad better pull their weight!

Modern Warfare 4 Xbox One And Ps4

One Mode I Would Love To See In Modern Warfare 4

The rumor mill is getting hotter and hotter with talk that this year’s Call of Duty game is, in fact, going to be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4. As a matter of fact, I would be more surprised if it turned out that the 2019 COD was NOT Modern Warfare 4!
The “leak” that was revealed a short while back said that there would be no new single player campaign, but the campaign from Modern Warfare 2 would be included. The big game mode sounds like it is once again going to be a Battle Royale mode which given how much of a hit Blackout has been in Black Ops IIII is not all that surprising.
Well if Blackout is returning from Black Ops IIII. There is one thing that I would love to see return from WWII and that is War Mode. I spoke about this a few weeks back, but man I freaking loved War Mode in Call of Duty WWII. It was like your standard multiplayer mode, but everything felt like it had more urgency and there was an actual point to the things that you were doing. It was a mode where you needed to do a job and the mission would rest n if you did your job or not. Just one team member not pulling their weight could be enough for you to lose.
It was such a great addition and one of the things that does not get enough credit for in my opinion. So as much as I would love Modern Warfare 4 to have a new campaign, I must admit I would trade that for multiple War Mode maps.

18 January, 2019

Just How Big Is The Call of Duty Franchise

Just How Big Is The Call of Duty Franchise

Without a doubt Call of Duty is one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. I know that there are some people who are “too cool” or who think that despite the fact they have not played a COD game in ten years say that they are all the same. The fact of the matter is this is a series that just seems to go from strength to strength.
Activision recently released a press release that was talking about changes to the company’s corporate structure. In all honesty, it was not that interest, but what was interesting was them talking about how huge the Call of Duty franchise is.
Since 2003, Call of Duty has become the main first person shooter series in the world, seeing off games like Medal of Honor and Battlefield in the process. There has been 15 main Call of Duty games released on PC and consoles. As well as this there have been many different handheld spin-off Call of Duty games too.
To put into scale just how big the Call of Duty franchise has become. This press release revealed that the Call of Duty series had made more money than Marvel Cinematic Universe and also the Star Wars movies as well! How insane is that? Now I know this is a little odd to compare them as the price of a game is a heck of a lot more than the cost of a movie ticket, but it is still amazing to think that over its lifetime Call of Duty has made more money than the two largest movie franchises of all time!

Next Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter Is Coming Soon

Next Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter Is Coming Soon

The Tides of War live service in Battlefield V has kind of been ignored. I think the idea is great and like the idea of mixing in some story with the multiplayer. If you ask me this is kind of like Call of Duty’s community events that happen multiple times each year.
The next Tides of War chapter is going live on January 17th and as far as I can tell it is hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC at the same time. I much prefer this to that 30-day exclusivity garbage that Activision do. The event is going to be running until sometime in March.
The name for this second chapter is Lightning Strikes and the first part of it is going to be called A Few Good Soldiers. The Combined Arms co-op mode is part of Lightning Strikes and that sounds like it is going to be fun. Rush is coming back to multiplayer which many people will be happy about. Also, Squad Conquest which is a new game mode will be making an appearance during Lightning Strikes.
Neither DICE or EA have come out and said exactly when the different parts of Lightning Strikes will be available, we just know that the actual event starts on the 17th of January. DICE have also said that we can expect a pretty darn big update either on the same day or right around the same time. It will be interesting to see what changes they make.
I do not expect anyone who does not already have Battlefield V to care about the second Tides of War chapter. However, for those of us who have the game, it gives us a reason to play it again.

17 January, 2019

Modern Warfare 4 Leak Appears Online

Modern Warfare 4 Leak Appears Online

A popular YouTuber  posted a video about the next COD game which is supposedly Modern Warfare 4. Specifically, he talks about the Battle Royale mode which is going to be part of the game.
The leak says that the map will be around the same size as the map that Blackout in Black Ops III has. It also says that much of the map is going to be covered in snow and there will be things like snowmobiles for you to get around the map on. I must admit I do like the idea of the map being covered in snow!
It also states that popular characters from the past Modern Warfare games will be playable in the Battle Royale mode. This is to be expected as Blackout mode did the same with Black Ops III characters.
One of the most interesting things that I came across was that once again there will be no “new” single player campaign. I say new because it does state that there will be a remaster of the Modern Warfare 2 single player campaign to play through and it also states that Modern Warfare 3 may be added at a later date.
So once again it seems like this year’s Call of Duty is going to be all about the multiplayer. I get why they do this I really do, but I have always enjoyed the stories they created. Still, if the leak is real then at least we are getting the Modern Warfare 2 campaign to play through.
It also states that this is the last game in the Modern Warfare series which is quite interesting for them to come out and say.
Of course, there is no way to know as I write this if the leak is in fact true. Most of what is listed though does seem like it could be real.

15 January, 2019

Get Battlefield V Free Thanks To NVIDIA

Get Battlefield V Free Thanks To NVIDIA

If you need a new graphics card for your PC you might as well take advantage of this great deal that NVIDIA is running right now.
While I put Battlefield V in the title it is also worth noting that you can also score the upcoming Anthem for free as well. If you purchase an RTX 2070 or an upcoming RTX 2060 graphics card. You can choose between getting Battlefield 5 or Anthem for free.
If you want the best of the best, you can purchase an RTX 2080 Ti or RTX 2080 you actually get both games for free. This is a pretty sweet deal and well worth looking into if you have been thinking about upgrading your graphics card for a while.
Battlefield V runs great on my two year old NVIDIA graphics card that I have on my gaming PC so I am not sure that they are going to sell a ton of these just because people want a free copy of Battlefield 5. Still I have a feeling that Anthem is going to be a pretty demanding game so this could be a way of future proofing your PC for the big releases of 2019 and beyond.
Be sure to head over to NVIDIA for more information if you like the sound of this. To be honest with how Battlefield V is doing I feel that they maybe could have given you both games free with all their graphics card. I am sure EA would appreciate more people playing Battlefield V so that they can get the word of mouth out there that it is actually a really good game.
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13 January, 2019

Why Invest in Mod Controllers Xbox One

Why Invest in Mod Controllers Xbox One

If you are used to playing online games and not using anything that might help you become better at it, you should know that you have been missing out on a long list of advantages that are usually associated with mod controllers xbox one. The same goes if you check out modded controllers ps4 and do not really know whether to invest in one of them or not. The truth is that when talking about improving your gaming experience, getting such a controller is definitely the best possible solution.
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The most important reason why you should want to get your hands on one of the available mod controllers xbox is the fact that you will have much more fun when playing games, regardless if we are talking about a regular setting or an online environment, where you have to face other players. You might be worried that these other players will report you for being better than them. The good news is that the mod controllers xbox one are undetectable.
This means that you can play the games and benefit from all the amazing advantages that these controllers have to offer without any risk of being banned from a particular server. Even if these other players decide to report you, the admins will not be able to find any reason to stop you from enjoying your game while being better than these envious competitors. Another reason why you should be so interested in these mod controllers xbox is the fact that you have the option to make the game more interesting.
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Where Can You Find Modded Controllers PS4

Where Can You Find Modded Controllers PS4?

Even though you might believe that you can come across mod controllers xbox one in gaming stores that can be found in your area, you should know that this would be impossible seeing as these products are usually hard to get by. At the same time, you might want to know that modded controllers ps4 that actually work and offer you the best possible advantages can be found only online. As long as you know where to look for them, you will be able to make a smart investment that will surely help with your gaming experience.
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11 January, 2019

Would You Play Black Ops IIII Without Specialists

Would You Play Black Ops IIII Without Specialists

I read a very interesting post about how they feel Treyarch should add a mode in Call of Duty Black Ops IIII that allows you to have no specialists. At first, I thought what on earth were they talking about? But then I thought about it some more and I feel that they have a point.
Specialists are nothing new to the Call of Duty series if you played a lot of Black Ops III or Infinite Warfare you know this. However, I do feel that in Black Ops IIII they have tried to make their specialists walk a line that makes them kind of between the heroes that Overwatch has and the Operators that Rainbow Six Siege has.
I totally get what they were going for. Having a character that has “special” abilities and their own backstory has worked out very well for Overwatch and Siege and it is something that I feel Call of Duty needed to be honest with you. However, I get that how some old school Call of Duty players may see the Specialists as a bit annoying. They just want that run and gun action, everyone on the same playing field with no weird or OP abilities.
For me though while I think adding a mode like this would be a good move and also probably pretty easy for the guys and gals at Activision to do. I love the Specialists in Black Ops IIII and find them one of the most interesting things about the game. It makes me wonder what Treyarch could do if they did not have the confines of having to make their characters realistic!

08 January, 2019

It Is Not Too Late To Get Into Titanfall 2

It Is Not Too Late To Get Into Titanfall 2

I know that I have spent a lot of time talking about Call of Duty Black Ops IIII and Battlefield V lately and with good reason too. However, I was out and about today and found that you can purchase Titanfall 2 for around five bucks!
Titanfall 2 is one of those games that I feel was criminally overlooked when it was released and also now. The first Titanfall that was an Xbox exclusive was a fine game, but Titanfall 2 expanded on it in every way possible…….. and I would go as far to say it is one of the best first person shooters of this console generation!
I am not exaggerating here either, Titanfall 2 does what it does so well that I am having a hard time thinking of any negatives. It is a game where you play as a “jockey” who can run and zip around the maps in some serious style. This though is just one aspect of the Titanfall 2 gameplay. You see you can also call in these huge mechs that are called Titans. These, as you would expect, have some heavy duty firepower, but Titans are also far more nimble than you would think.
Titanfall 2 has plenty of fun multiplayer modes and I fired up my Xbox One version today and had no trouble finding a game at all. I would assume that PC and PlayStation 4 are exactly the same so do not worry about the community being dead. As well as the awesome multiplayer action. Titanfall 2 has a tremendous single player campaign that I guarantee is way better than you will be expecting.
Sadly Titanfall 2 came out at a bad time and it did not get the attention it deserved. However, as it can be found for dirt cheap this is a game that you have to have in your collection.

Star Wars Battlefront II A Year Later

Star Wars Battlefront II A Year Later

I am a huge Star Wars fan and play most of the games. When DICE rebooted the Battlefront series I was excited. Even though that first game was a rather bare-bones experience, I had fun with it. Battlefront II though looked like it was going to be awesome….. then just before release rumblings started.
Battlefront II came out a little over a year ago and I thought it would be fun to look back on it. It was one of my most wanted games of 2017. However just before release when sites were giving review copies. Word started getting around about how messed up the progression and unlocking system was. Some guy worked out that to unlock a character like Darth Vader you were looking at 40 hours of gameplay! Add to this the crazy loot box system where items that can give you an edge in battle were and Battlefront II felt like a game that was all about getting more money out of you.
I cannot think of another game that was dragged over the coals as much as Battlefront II was for its unfair policy in regards to Microtransactions. Locking some of the most popular characters behind a paywall sucked!
It was a damn shame too because Battlefront II is a fun game. The single player story mode was a blast and something that I really enjoyed. The game looks phenomenal and still is one of the best looking first person shooters around and the new game modes were all a lot of fun to play too.
EA and DICE did change things so that the progression was much better, the DLC was free and they have added a ton of content to the game since it launched. They have tried to do the right thing, but they only did this because they had no choice. I cannot think of another triple-A game that had this much of a negative response. It was so bad that there were memes going around saying that EA was so greedy and screwed up so bad that the broke the industry!
I think that Star Wars Battlefront II is a great game if you love Star Wars and it is a solid shooter even if you are just a passing fan. I have found that it is possible to have a great time with the game, without spending any money. It will be interesting to see if we get a Battlefront III in 2019 after the controversy this one had.

07 January, 2019

Battlefield V Microtransactions Are Nearly Here

Battlefield V Microtransactions Are Nearly Here

EA may have claimed that the reason they did not have Microtransactions in Battlefield V was that they wanted players to just “experience” the game. However, we all know they held off from them due to the backlash they got with what they tried to pull with Star Wars Battlefront II.
Well as I write this the Microtransactions are just a few weeks away. You can on some sites, pre-order your Battlefield V currency already. It looks like it is going to be priced at 4.99 for 500 currency and go all the way up to 49.99 for 6,00 currency. I am not a fan of Microtransactions, but these prices are in line with what other games are charging.
EA has stated that the Microtransactions will not be allowed to purchase anything that will give players an advantage in battle. I think this is a good thing as it was one of the things that many players felt was unfair about Star Wars Battlefront II.
Company Coin is still going to be in the game. You can earn this by playing the game, doing daily challenges as well as taking part in special missions that are going to be coming. This means you can still get some cosmetic items without spending any money. So if you are down for the grind, you can get some of what you want without having to open your wallet.
I will not be too harsh on the folks at EA for this one. Most shooters these days have Microtransactions and we all knew that they were coming to Battlefield at some point. At least they are just for cosmetics so at the end of the day if you do not want to spend any more money it is not going to affect your experience.

Looking Forward To Call of Duty 2019

Looking Forward To Call of Duty 2019

I think that the Call of Duty series is on a real roll. Since Ghosts (which is one of my least favorite games in the series) Activision and the three development studios have been knocking it out of the park.
Black Ops III, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, WWII and Black Ops IIII have all been games that I have had a lot of fun with. We know that 2019 is once again Infinity Wards turn at the helm. Last time out they gave us Infinite Warfare which while it divided the fanbase, I loved. The multiplayer was awesome, Zombies was great and the campaign was truly amazing.
So I am very excited to see what they get up to next. There have been a few rumors floating around and there was that job listing they posted which indicated that this would be a next gen game. There is also the talk that this could be another Modern Warfare game which I am sure people would go wild for.
While I loved the futuristic, Infinite Warfare, I am sure there is no way that they would go too futuristic again due to the mixed response that game got. A Modern Warfare 4 would be a very safe bet and something that most of the fan base would get behind. Thanks to the remaster of Modern Warfare, it is fresh in people’s minds.
With Black Ops IIII being such a huge hit, I am sure that Activision will want to leave it as late as possible to announce the next Call of Duty game as they will not want anything to take the attention away from Black Ops IIII.

05 January, 2019

Demons Are Getting Slain In 2019 Doom Eternal

Demons Are Getting Slain In 2019 Doom Eternal

There are some great shooters coming in 2019, but for me, the big deal and the one I am really hyped for is Doom Eternal.
I love Doom and even I was not expecting the reboot to be as awesome as it was. Doom Eternal is the sequel and it appears to be doing what most good sequels do. That is give us more of the same, but kicking things up sever notches.
One of the things that I think looks really cool about Doom Eternal is the grappling hook mechanic. You already feel like an unstoppable badass (well unless you get swarmed or play on the higher difficulty) and being able to zip around the map like you are freaking Batman is going to be great. Not just for the combat, but I think they will also use the grappling hook to create some tricky puzzles and platforming sections.
The game is set on Earth which has been overrun by demons, there was also that rumor that heaven would have some part to play in Doom Eternal. I for one think this sounds very interesting and it would certainly be something I would love to see from a story point of view. While there are some cool new looking demons in the game, some of our old favorites are returning and they have been given a horrific makeover.
I really wish the folks at Bethesda would be a little more open with what is going on with Doom Eternal as they have not been all that forthcoming when it comes to news on the game, but without a doubt, Doom Eternal is one of my most wanted games of 2019.

Looking At Fallout 76 and Battlefield V Disappointing Sales

Looking At Fallout 76 and Battlefield V’s Disappointing Sales

While I am not trying to sound like a know it all here, I knew that the tail end of 2018 was going to see some games struggle to find an audience. There were far too many huge releases in a short period of time for them all to do amazingly well.
We all knew that Battlefield V was not meeting its sales targets as it had its price slashed in half roughly a week after release. Fallout 76 also is suffering a similar fate, although a large portion of that can be attributed to the fact that not many people actually asked for Fallout 76 and it was a bit of a mess when it was released.
Battlefield V managed to sell around 1.9 million copies. Let’s face it that is no small number and many smaller studios would kill for those kind of sales. EA though are less than happy as this is around 60 percent less (in terms of physical sales) of what Battlefield 1 sold during the same time frame when it was first released. A 60 percent drop is no small number so EA must be taking this very seriously.
Fallout 76 is fairing even worse. It has reportedly sold around 1.4 million units (this number from what I can tell is for its digital sales) this is down a massive 80 percent from what Fallout 4 sold! To be fair, many Fallout fans were not interested in what Fallout 76 was offering before it was even released. It got worse though as the game for some people was near unplayable thanks to all of the glitches it has.
While I cannot comment on Fallout 76 as I have not played it. I still think that Battlefield V is a fun game and one that is worth playing, especially now as you can get it for a very cheap price. You have to wonder how these sales are going to affect both franchises moving forward.

03 January, 2019

Light Machine Guns & Assault Rifles In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Some Of The Best Light Machine Guns & Assault Rifles In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

I have been having a blast playing Black Ops 4. While I have been enjoying actually playing the game I have also had a lot of fun getting into the community more and delving deeper into the game. For example, I have found it very interesting looking at the stats for the different weapons in the game.
I am more of a run and gun style player so I thought I would start by taking a look at the LMG’s and rifles that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has to offer.
VKM 750: This is the most powerful weapon in this class and it is an LMG. It has the highest base damage and headshot damage. The base damage is 62 and the headshot damage is 68. This means that it takes three shots no matter where you hit to kill your opponent.
Titan: This is another LMG and the second most powerful. The base damage is 46 and the headshot damage is 59. So three headshots will take a guy down and four body shots will take them down. While it is not the most powerful, I actually really like this weapon and thanks to being quicker than the VKM 750 I actually think it is a better gun.
Rampart 17: Now if you ask me the Rampart 17 is the best assault rifle in the game so far. It has a base damage of 46, headshot damage of 50 and the fastest time to kill (with a headshot) of any gun in this class. Four body shots and three headshots are what is needed to kill an enemy.
These are just three of the weapons in this category. I know that the VKM 750 has the most power behind it, but I really do prefer the Titan as it is faster.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 SMGS

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 SMGS

You cannot have a Call of Duty game without some kick ass SMGS. Well Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is no different. I love an SMG and feel that they are the kind of gun that is great if you are a run and gun style of player.
Looking at the stats for these SMGS was rather interesting as in all honesty it is not until you dive really deep into the stats that you see the small differences between each one.
Saug 9mm: I would put this one at the top of the list, but only just. Base damage is 28 and head damage is 30. 5 headshots are required for a kill and 6 body shots are what you need to do if you are not a skilled marksman. The reason I put this one top is that the speed of it means that the time it takes to kill when you are hitting the body is .032 seconds. This is the fastest of all the SMGS.
Spitfire: The Spitfire has a head damage of 29 and body damage of 27. It does take 6 body shots to kill an opponent and also 6 headshots. What makes me like this though is that the speed of the gun makes it so it only takes 0.34 seconds to kill a guy. Even with the extra headshot required the speed means it only takes 0.34 seconds with six headshots.
Cordite: This gun has a headshot damage of 30 and a body damage of 28. 5 body shots and 6 headshots are what you need to hit in order to take a guy down. The time to kill for body shots is 0.44 seconds which is a hair quicker than the ones I have not put on this list.
There really is not a whole lot in it when it comes to the SMGS in Black Ops 4. However, the quicker rate of the Saug 9mm makes it the one to pick for me.

Do I Miss The COD Single Player Campaign

Do I Miss The COD Single Player Campaign

While I put a ton of hours into Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. I must admit that the last couple of weeks have seen me barely touch the game. To be fair this is nothing to do with Black Ops IIII, but the fact I picked up Spider-Man, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Jurassic World Evolution. Three games that are all deep single player experiences. It got me thinking, do I miss the single player campaign in Black Ops IIII?
At first, I thought I did not, Zombies has an awesome story and one that if fleshed out a little more could have been a fully fledged game in its own right. As time has gone on though I must admit that I do wish Black Ops IIII had a single player campaign. The controls in Black Ops IIII are nice and tight and I love the presentation as well. It gets me thinking what about what cool kind of story, Treyarch could have come up with for this game
I also think that as I had such a great time with Call of Duty WWII and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s single player campaign that this was also part of the reason I wished they had done a single player campaign too. I know it may seem greedy as the multiplayer is stacked, Zombies is bigger than ever before and of course there is Blackout.
However, going forward I really do hope that the Call of Duty single player campaign is not lost forever. Of course there is no cutting corners in a COD campaign and clearly, a lot of time and money goes into them. So with Black Ops IIII doing so well without a campaign, Activision might decide that the single player campaign has had its day.

02 January, 2019

Transformers Cybertron Series

Classic Shooter Memories Transformers Cybertron Series

As a kid of the 80’s I grew up with Transformers and I am just as big a fan today as I was back then! I just recently saw the new Bumblebee movie (which was awesome by the way) and thought that I would look back on the two best Transformers games.
Transformers War for Cybertron was released in 2010 and then followed up with Fall of Cybertron in 2012. If you want to get technical then there was kind of a third game, Rise of the Dark Spark also released in 2014.
The Cybertron games are truly fantastic. They are set on the Transformers homeworld of Cybertron and the idea of the games is that they are set around the time of the big Transformers civil war and the end days of Cybertron before the Transformers came to earth. There are a ton of nods to the G1 Transformers in these games, but in all honesty, even if you had never seen an episode of the original series you would still enjoy these games.
Both games are 3rd person shooters. In the first game, you have a choice of a few different characters to play as on each level. The second game did not give you this freedom of choice. Each character has their own attacks, you have a basic attack, a stronger attack, melee attack and you can also transform. When you are transformed you can drive, but you can also change into combat mode and here the game still plays like a traditional 3rd person shooter.
Each Transformer controls really well and the shooting and fighting has some real heft to it which is awesome. These games are very action packed and if you love a shooter that is just balls to the wall action you will really get into these games. I think that the second game, Fall of Cybertron is the better game, but if you ask me you need to play them both.
Rise of the Dark Spark is kind of weird in that it is a tie into the Age of Extinction movie, but at the same time, it is part of the game universe. I was not as into that, but I played a ton of the online mode, Escalation where you had to destroy wave after wave of enemies.
I highly suggest you guys at least try out the two Cybertron games. They can be picked up on PS3 and Xbox 360 pretty cheaply. These are two games that I would love to see Activision make a definitive version of for Xbox One and PS4.

01 January, 2019

Will We See Another Futuristic Call of Duty Game

Will We See Another Futuristic Call of Duty Game

While we have only been playing Black Ops IIII for a couple of months at this point. To be honest with you a big part of me is wondering what the folks at Infinity Ward are working on right now for Call of Duty 2019.
Last time that Infinity Ward was at the helm they gave us Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Which…… is one of the most fun Call of Duty games I have ever played. Looked I know that is not a popular opinion, but I loved the futuristic sci-fi setting. I know that is not what Call of Duty was created on, however, I feel that Infinity Ward did a fantastic job in bringing Call of Duty to the future.
Most gamers were cool with Advanced Warfare and its slightly futuristic setting, but many people felt that Infinite Warfare went too far. I often wonder had Infinite Warfare not had the Call of Duty name on it if it would have been better received.
I would love to see Infinity Ward take another crack at making a futuristic Call of Duty game. Of course, the fact that Call of Duty WWII completely obliterated Infinite Warfare in terms of sales could mean that Activision would be hesitant to bring COD to the future once again, but it is a setting I would love to see again.
Let’s face it there is only so much you can do with WWII and Call of Duty WWII nailed it so I have a hard time imagining what could be done to top that. While the Vietnam war is a bit of an untapped resource for COD, I think there could be some great Call of Duty games if they went all out and gave us another sci-fi setting like Infinite Warfare.

What Can EA Do To Make Battlefield V A Success

What Can EA Do To Make Battlefield V A Success

Battlefield V has had quite the trouble since it launched. Not from a gameplay point of view, but in terms of finding an audience and getting gamers to give it a chance.
Battlefield V had the hard task of not just following up from Call of Duty WWII, but also following up from Call of Duty Black Ops IIII which was one of the most hotly anticipated COD games in years. EA also messed up by having a very confusing launch for Battlefield V. First the game was delayed (I do not care what they say, it was delayed to give it more space from Black Ops IIII) and then they had three different release dates, depending on which version or what your membership status was!
This along with the fact that October/November 2018 was stacked with huge releases all went against Battlefield V, plus there was the fact that the beta was not exactly well received. Still, with all this, Battlefield V is a fantastic game and a game I have had a ton of fun with.
Battlefield V has a great multiplayer setup, the single player campaign is a lot of fun and it is very well made. Plus DICE are listening to what players are saying and they are more than happy to tinker with it to try new things out.
It may sound harsh, but I feel that the boat has already sailed for Battlefield V. Those of us who love the game know how good it is. Battlefield V could not have come out at a worse time. I think that is the main problem EA has had in finding their audience, gamers have only so much money and Battlefield V for most people was the game that was easiest to miss out on.
Keep in mind they have slashed the price by as much as half price. However, I feel that if they were to offer a free to play weekend or maybe even a free to play long weekend that they could get people to try the game so they could see how good it is.