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At ModsRus We Been In The Modded Controller Business 9 Years And Just Released Our New 10,000 Mode Modded Controllers For Xbox One + Ps4

We Offer The Most Mod Controller Modes You Need To Dominate In Call Of Duty

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Dominate Your Opponents And Control Your Game With Our

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Gamers go wild over our xbox one & ps4 modded controllers offered by ModsRus. We sell call of duty rapid fire mod controllers for the xbox one and playStation 4 gaming systems, as well as for pc, xbox 360 and ps3. With our modded controllers you are able to dominate your opponents and your games playing both online and offline FPS games like (cod) call of duty.

Mod controllers were born during the last nine years after the release of the xbox 360 and ps3 consoles into the market. Now that the xbox one and ps4 is out on the market today people are already aware that they can have modded controllers for the next generation video gaming consoles.

Mod controllers were created in order to give you advantages in first person shooter video games like call of duty. You can also perform actions quicker and shoot at the fastest fire rates with our rapid fire controllers for ps4 | xb1 | pc | ps3


04 May, 2018

ModsRus 10,000 Mode Modded Controllers Xbox One And Ps4

We are proud to release our new

ModsRus 10,000 Mode Marksman Controllers Xbox One
We Offer The Most Mod Modes Any where At Any price
We Beat The Competition Everyday.


Keeps your hands tight to the mod controller at all times. We included our rigid side plates to the xbox controllers to improve your gaming experience and accuracy.

Our Master Mod Controllers have the highest number of features and mods available anywhere. When we redesigned our Xbox One Mod Controllers. We decided to include Everything!


This controller offers features that a standard controller does not offer however, these features can be turned off at any time and the controller will function as a standard controller with any game.

Important Rapid Fire Speed Information! The rapid fire mod allows you to set rapid fire speeds up to 40 shots per second, but you must be aware that setting the rapid fire to the maximum will NOT work for most games. All games have limitations on the rates at which weapons can fire. Our default mode settings are already optimized to the fastest possible speeds for the games/weapons. The possibility to change these settings are available for you to experiment with and find settings that best compliment your playing style and to be able to create modes for current and future games which are not part of the default setup.


Burst Fire The burst fire will fire at the current speed/burst settings which can be adjusted within programming mode. Once activated burst fire can be turned on/off using the same process as rapid fire.


Akimbo (Dual Trigger Rapid Fire) With akimbo activated you will have rapid fire on both the left and right triggers (independently), this is great for akimbo or dual weapons in Call of Duty and other FPS games.


Sub/Edit Modes Several of the following controller features have sub modes. Sub modes are modifications to the main feature. These will be explained in the description of each feature.


Mimic (Auto Akimbo) When using mimic , the right trigger controls both the left trigger and the right trigger at the same time. If the akimbo is activated and rapid fire is turned ON than the left trigger will also rapid fire, otherwise it works as normal allowing you to scope automatically when firing.


Turn Off All Features To Quickly turn off all features that may be turned on you can HOLD “BOTH THUMBSTICK CLICKS” and then TAP either “UP” or “LEFT”. The WHITE LED will quickly flash 10 times and all features will be turned off.


There are 10 modes to select from. Each is pre-programed with a specific speed, but can be independently programmed to an new speed. To change to the next mode you must HOLD “LEFT” for 4 seconds. You will see the WHITE LED flash, count the number of flashes. This will indicate which mode you are currently in.


The adjustable fast reload allows you to shave precious milliseconds off your reload time. This works by cancelling the last part of the reload animation after the ammo has been added to your weapon. The fast reload must be set for the weapon you are using, as all weapons have different reload times. To set the reload timing you must HOLD “X”until you see your ammo indicator at the bottom of the screen show that you have full ammo (this will happen before the reloading animation completes),


Drop Shot (standard Layout) Drop Shot (Tactical Layout)

The MODSRUS MOD CONTROLLER supports both standard button layouts and tactical button layouts. To activate/deactivate drop shot for standard button layouts HOLD “B”and TAP “LEFT”. To activate drop shot for tactical button layouts HOLD in the “RIGHT THUMBSTICK CLICK” and TAP “LEFT”. Drop shot allows you to automatically drop to prone as soon as you start firing and stand up when you stop. Drop shot has 4 sub modes


Jitter Fire To activate/deactivate jitter fire HOLD the “Y” button and TAP “LEFT”. Jitter takes advantage of a glitch in most COD games allowing for faster firing of just about all weapons including shotguns and 3-Round burst weapons. Jitter has 3 sub modes.


Jump Shot To activate/deactivate jump shot HOLD “A” and TAP “LEFT”. With jump shot you will jump automatically as soon as you start to fire. Jump shot has 4 sub modes. Sub Mode 1 = Jump only once Sub Mode 2 = Continuous Jumping (Slow Jump Speed) Sub Mode 3 = Continuous Jumping (Medium Jump Speed) Sub Mode 4 = Continuous Jumping (Fast Jump Speed)


Automatic Sniper Breath To activate/deactivate auto sniper breath HOLD in the “LEFT THUMBSTICK CLICK” and TAP “LEFT”. With Auto sniper breath activated the mod will press and hold the left thumstick automatically when you aim down the sights.


Auto Run To activate/deactivate auto run HOLD in the “LEFT THUMBSTICK” and TAP “UP”. With auto run active you no longer have to click the left thumbstick to start running, it is done automatically. Sub Mode 1 = Always runs Sub Mode 2 = Run suspended when prone/crouch with “B” Sub Mode 3 = Run suspended when prone/crouch with “R3”


Quick Scope To activate/deactivate HOLD the “LEFT TRIGGER” and TAP “UP”. With quick scope active just hold the left trigger and you will scope and automatically fire at the speed set in the edit mode. Edit Mode is accessed the same was as sub modes. The LED will Flash 10 times when entering/exiting the edit mode. Hold Only LT –Test the currently set speed. Tap UP on D-pad –Makes shot happen earlier (LED flashes once) Tap DOWN on D-pad –Makes shot happen later (LED flashes Twice) Tap RIGHT on D-pad –Turn Rapid fire with quick scope ON/OFF Hold LEFT on D-pad, Then Hold LT –Set new Quick Scope speed. Recording starts when you press LT and stops when you release LT or press RT. Tap the View Button –Exit Edit Mode.


Auto Aim The auto aim feature ONLY WORKS WITH ZOMBIES & CAMPAIGN GAMES. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH ONLINE MATCHMAKING GAMES. With auto aim active, when you press the left trigger, you will automatically lock on and track the closest target.


Battlefield Auto Spotting To activate/deactivate CLICK the “RIGHT THUMBSTICK” and TAP “UP”.With auto spotting active the controller will automatically press the “RB” button. When you are aiming at an opponent they will be marked with an indicator above their head for you and your team to see, giving your team a significant advantage. Sub Mode 1 = On only when Aiming down sights or Firing Sub Mode 2 = On all the time


GOW Perfect Active Reloads To activate/deactivate HOLD “RB” and TAP “LEFT”. Have perfectly timed active reloads for the most popular weapons in Gears of War, automatically. When using this mod you select the weapon you are using by following the process below. Once selected you reload as normal by pressing “RB” and the second press of “RB” will be timed automatically. Sub Mode 1 = Gears of War 1 Sub Mode 2 = Gears of War 2 Sub Mode 3 = Gears of War 3 Set GOW Active Reload Weapon To set the weapon you want to perfect active reload you must HOLD “UP” and TAP “RB”.You will TAP “RB” 1-6 times depending on the weapon you want to select from the list below. When you release “BACK” the WHITE LED will flash 1-6 times to confirm your selection.


HOLD Halo 2 (Classic) Double Shot To activate/deactivate HOLD “LB” and TAP “LEFT”. This feature is only for Halo 2 Classic in the Master Chief Collection. Fire 6 round instead of 3 with a Battle Riffle. This version uses a button combination of RRXYY so there is no pause after the double shot and you can continuously fire. Due to the Increased Frame rate in MCC Some double shots are lost and so occasionally you will have a normal shot fired by a reload attempt. This feature is only for Halo 2 Classic in the Master Chief Collection. When enabled pressing B will Melee then immediately fire.


Resets ALL modes, speeds and sub modes to their default settings. HOLD “BOTH THUMBSTICK CLICKS” for 7 seconds. You will see the WHITE LED flash in a pattern of , fast, slow, fast. After this all settings will be set to default , the programming mode will be exited and the chip reset.

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