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06 May, 2021

Best Perks For Call Of Duty: Warzone

As with most battle royales, Call of Duty: Warzone matches start with dropping down and scavenging the best ground loot you can find. Staying alive is the primary objective, but you'll likely want to grab enough cash for the hefty $10k price tag of a loadout drop. Or maybe you don't scrounge up enough money, so you wait for the free loadout drop to arrive. Regardless, you want to make sure that your custom tailored loadout is going to give you the best chance at survival. Gun builds are generally the focus of custom loadouts, as the weapon meta is constantly shifting, but the perks you choose can definitely factor into whether or not you win or lose your gunfights in Warzone.Continue Reading at GameSpot

Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Premiere Sets Records At Hulu

The Season 4 premiere of The Handmaid's Tale reportedly ranks as the streaming service's most watched programming in its entire history, according to Deadline. Of course, since most streaming services aren't transparent about or generally report on actual viewership figures, such brags should be taken with a grain of salt--but Deadline's sourcing is based on metrics from third-party services, like Samba TV, which are a good ballpark indication of how shows are generally performing. Samba TV's figures, for example, aren't out yet, so there isn't a number to attach to the current claim that the dystopian drama based on the Margaret Atwood best-selling novel currently ranks as the top streaming series ever since launching on April 28. Still, the record-setting news wouldn't be a total shock, seeing as how Season 3 ended in August 2019, and Season 4 finally premiered in April 2021. That's quite a wait, with plenty of time to build up even more demand. Actually, Handmaid's Tale released the first three episodes of Season 4 ahead of schedule by a few days, which only served to further excite fans. That, and the fact that the show already got renewed for Season 5 back in December means there are many loyal viewers who are devoted to the show, even though the dystopian setting and harsh world makes it a difficult--though worthwhile--watch.Continue Reading at GameSpot

EA Sports Is Returning To Baseball By Acquiring Super Mega Baseball Dev

EA announced today that it has acquired Metalhead Software, the studio behind the Super Mega Baseball series. Metalhead will be part of the EA Sports label alongside mainstays EA Tiburon and EA Vancouver, the developers of the majority of EA's sports franchises. With three games released so far, the Super Mega Baseball series has established itself as a strong complement to--if not competitor with--the simulation series MLB The Show. Although Super Mega Baseball doesn't have the MLB license, it's found an audience with its arcade-y, over-the-top take on the sport. It's more in the tradition of Backyard Baseball than MLB simulation games, and it appears that it'll stay that way for the near future. In a statement to Polygon, EA Sports Vice President Cam Weber said that even though fans might expect an MLB license for the Super Mega Baseball series, "My belief is that Super Mega Baseball is well differentiated from MLB The Show, and I think it has its own spot in the marketplace."Continue Reading at GameSpot