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6000 Mode Modded Controller Xbox One White Led

6000 Mode Modded Controllers Xbox One

mod controllers xbox one modded controllers xbox one white led

White Led Xbox One

We are proud to release our new 6000+ bad boy modded controller! we offer most mods ever on a xbox one controller more than on any other modded controller anywhere! at any price! So you can totally dominate the competition! Guaranteed!
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*We offer a one year warranty on all controllers Buy With Confidence!


*Burst Fire / Auto Burst - Burst Fire will fire your semi-automatic weapons in bursts. You can adjust the number of shots in a burst.

*Auto Burst - always fires one less shot per burst round than Burst Fire is set to.

*Adjusting Rapid Fire Speed - To increase or decrease the speed of any mode, hold the right trigger and tap "up" or “down” on the D-Pad.

*Changing Modes - You can change modes by going up a mode or by going down a mode. To go up or down one mode, hold the Mod button and tap “up” or “down” on the D-Pad.

*Reset to Factory Settings - To reset your controller back to it’s factory settings, hold the left trigger and tap “up” on the D-Pad.

*Dual Rapid Fire - To use Dual Rapid Fire, scroll to mode 1 of your controller. Dual Rapid Fire will make dual weapons both shoot with rapid fire when the left and right triggers are pulled.

*AutoSave - Your controller will automatically save every setting as you do it. You can remove the battery pack at any time and your settings will always be saved.

*Mode Memory - Your controller will remember the last mode you were in when you shut off your controller. When you turn your controller on, it will automatically enter that mode.

*Auto-Aim Zombies - Auto-Aim will only work in Call of Duty Zombies games. When you pull the left trigger to aim, Auto Aim will make your gun automatically lock onto the enemy you are aiming closest to.

*DropShot - DropShot will make your player drop to the ground as soon as you pull the right trigger. As soon as you release the right trigger, your player will stand back up.

*QuickScope - QuickScope will make your controller aim your sniper rifle and shoot automatically with perfect timing. Because not all sniper rifles aim in at the same speed, we’ve made that part of the feature adjustable, that way you can set it up for any sniper.

*Mimic - Mimic Fire will make dual weapons fire with rapid fire at the same time by only pulling the right trigger.

*Sniper Breath - Sniper Breath will make your player automatically hold his breath any time you aim while using a sniper rifle in Call of Duty. No more holding the left joystick anymore.

*Jitter - Jitter will allow your weapons that fire in a burst pattern to fire as a fully automatic weapon. This feature is designed for hip firing only.

*Active Reload - will perfectly time your active reloads when the right bumper button is used to reload used in gears of war.

*Auto Spot - will automatically place spot markers on enemies within aim when the left trigger is pulled. This feature is designed for Battlefield games that offer the ability to mark enemies.

*JumpShot - JumpShot will make your player jump off the ground as soon as you pull the right trigger. The longer you hold the trigger, the higher he will jump.

*Quick Aim - Quick Aim will aim your weapon automatically as soon as you fire your weapon. You do not need to pull the left trigger.your gun will automatically aim.

*Easy Sprint - Easy Sprint will allow you to sprint without pushing the left joystick in. When easy sprint is on, your player will sprint when you pull the left trigger.

*Quick Reload - Quick Reload will shorten the length of your reload times when you use the X button to reload.

*Reset a Mode to Default - To reset the mode you are in to it’s default settings, hold the right trigger and tap “up” on the D-Pad.

*The modded combinations and features of our xbox one controllers allow for thousands of easy to use settings, while not having to worry about buying new controller in the future! It's Future proof!

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