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09 June, 2017

Call Of Duty WW2 To Add New War Mode

Call Of Duty WW2 To Add New War Mode

Ok so saying that there is a war mode in the new Call Of Duty WW2 is kind of weird as the whole game is built around war. But one of the new things that has been kind of revealed by Activision is a new multiplayer mode called War Mode.

Not a ton of details have been given about War Mode just yet, but from what little we do know it sounds very interesting. We know that Raven Software are lending a hand in this mode so we have very high hopes for it and are interested to see where it goes.

While this is a multiplayer mode it is going to be a mode that is story driven. We have seen story modes tried to be mixed in with multiplayer shooters before, most notably Titanfall and Destiny and to be fair, we feel that it was an interesting idea and it did work very well.

The Call Of Duty games are very underrated in terms of their campaigns and stories so it is going to be very interesting to see how they mix their storytelling with the multiplayer. From what we gather. Activision hopes that by having a story mode happening while you are playing the multiplayer. That it will pump you up, even more, to make sure that your side wins as it will feel like there is more at stake.

Out of all the things we have heard about Call Of Duty WW2 so far, War Mode is one of the most intriguing.

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