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Dominate And Control Your Game With Our Modded Controllers Xbox One

Dominate And Control Your Game With Our

Call Of Duty Mods Xbox One And ps4

Gamers go wild over our customized controllers offered by Mods"R"us Mods. We sell modded gaming controllers for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming systems, as well as for PC and Xbox 360. With our controllers, you are able to dominate your opponents in online FPS games like call of duty.

Modded controllers were born during the last eight years after the release of the Xbox 360 and ps3 consoles into the market. Now that the xbox one And ps4 is out on the market today people are already aware that they can have modded controllers for the next generation gaming consoles.

Mod controllers were created in order to give you a advantage over your opponents in first person shooters like call of duty. You can also perform actions quicker and shoot at fast fire rates with rapid fire controllers.

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15 June, 2017

Call Of Duty WW2 Go back time when its feet were on the ground

Call Of Duty WW2 go back in time when its feet were on the ground

Call Of Duty WW2

Call Of Duty WW2

COD: WW2 -  Go back time when its feet were on the ground. You start playing threw many european countries.  This squad based action you must work with your squad if you hope to live another day.

Players take control of Private Ron Daniels he is fresh out of boot camp soldier thrust into some of history's most biggest conflicts known to man.

The standard player campaign experience is a completely different co op campaigns are available for players looking  for a new kind of gaming experience.

The multi-player places your character into a division allowing you to start in the lower ranks. As you play more you will move up the ranks to open new options. 

War mode puts players against each other in full combat.

Cod will  focus on objective based game play. The head quarters forms a social area for players and the lobbies of past call of duty titles.

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