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26 May, 2017

Why I Am Excited For Call Of Duty WW2

Why I Am Excited For Call Of Duty WW2

Call Of Duty WW2 Ps4 & Xbox One Mod Controller Mods

Call Of Duty WW2 Xbox One - Ps4

Ok so let me start by saying that I actually had a lot of fun with Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Sure the game was not to everyone’s taste, but it had a fun campaign, solid multiplayer and the best zombies of any COD game! But, I get that the futuristic setting was a bit too much for some people and that is cool. However for the next game, Call Of Duty WW2, Sledgehammer Games is going back to the past and setting the game in World War 2.

So far we have just had the one trailer and a little bit of leaked information, but while the Infinite Warfare trailer was the most disliked trailer in YouTube history, most folks are pretty positive about the trailer for Call Of Duty WW2.

Apparently, Sledgehammer Games went to work on Call Of Duty WW2 just after they finished the awesome, Advanced Warfare (which was futuristic, but not too futuristic for most people's tastes) so the decision to set the game during World War 2 was clearly not a knee-jerk reaction to the very poor fan reception of Infinite Warfare like so many people seem to think it was.

The trailer looked truly epic. While most people will pick up each Call Of Duty game for the multiplayer. The fact is the last few Call Of Duty campaigns have been truly incredible. The trailer shows off a fair bit of the campaign as well as this year’s main celebrity actor which happens to be Josh Duhamel, who you probably know from the Transformers franchise. The story seems to have a very, Saving Private Ryan kind of vibe to it which is pretty darn cool.

 As you would expect the production values are through the roof and the game looks incredible. The Call Of Duty franchise has really stepped up their campaigns the last few games and it is a crying shame they do not get the credit they deserve for them. They are like a big, loud action movie and that is cool!

It is going to be pretty interesting to go back to World War 2. Sure other games have been set during this time period, but for the Call Of Duty series, it will be the first time we have been in the past like this since World At War in 2008. This is very interesting as we have gotten used to being able to double jump, run on walls and use other futuristic technologies as we wage war. But now, things are going back to basics so it is going to make for a very different feeling game compared to what we have had the last few years.

Call Of Duty WW2 is looking like it is going to be one of the big shooters of 2017. It is going to be interesting to see how well this sells as Infinite Warfare sales were considerably down (although it still sold a ton of copies) if it sells well, maybe it does show that people are sick of futuristic shooters.

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